четверг, 30 июня 2011 г.

About Exhibition

On this week I helped  my aunt.

 She has been taking part in an exhibition for 3 weeks.Of course it is hard to go without weekend, so she asked me to help her. 
I sat there for the first half of the day.There are many interesting things. Most of them are hand-made crafts.But I think last year's exhibition was better thathis year's, because this year there are many places selling cosmetics.For me it's boring on this exhibition..
The exhibition is going on in the open air near our Opera House in the center of the city.

I think 
there are many things for tourists, but the only tourists I saw were a group of Chinese people.

My aunt is selling woolen mittens, socks and shawls.

Even in the summer in hot weather there are people who buy them( not tourists).
If I thought about our winter during the summer , maybe I would buythem too :DBut I have enough of these things.

Also there is mittens, valenki and another woolen things, but they made on another technology

There are matreshka ( exclusive and usual kinds), different thingsmade from elm, from clay, also many kinds of jewelry made from stones, dolls, stuffed animals, wooden furniture and big wooden figures, textile,
 clothes and so on.

to be continued..

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  1. WOW Mashallah, so many pretty things...I WANT THE MATRESHKAS!!!! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!
    ...and I also love the woolen shoes...so lovely!!! Wish I was there to buy them :(

  2. MASH'ALLAH I would've died had I been there and around so many kawaii things XD LOVE IT!!!

  3. These woolen shoes are called Valenki ^^
    When I was a child I've worn them~~They are really warm :D
    Thank you!! ^__^